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New Outfit - The Velvet Lace Up Body With Leatherette Jeans Tobi Citizens of Humanity

New Outfit - Valentine's Day Red Dress Tobi

Raindrops Of Sapphire

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A discussion about anxiety, including my story with it and how it's affected me my whole life. If you're interested in mental health, please take a read and comment on the blog post if you or anyone you know is going through something similar to help raise awareness xx.

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New Outfit - How To Wear A BODA SKINS Kay Michaels Leather Jacket

Levi’s Sherpa Double Denim Jacket Outfit

Winter Double Denim Style In A Levi's Sherpa Jacket Winter is so gloomy isn't it? I feel like these photos capture a pretty true British winter - gritty, dark, miserable looking, wet... what we have grown accustomed too, but it gives a sense of character to the photos. I wonder if our weather is the reason behind why we're such a miserable nation? [ 417 more words ]

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Currently Craving: January 2018

0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 How did January almost come to an end? I feel like I've been saying it a lot but January has literally flown by and it's shocking how quick it's all going. It's been one of those months where everything has been a bit of a blur and I'm still trying to figure things out and get organised. [ 488 more words ]

10 New Must Have Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Image courtesy of 10 New Must Have Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers One of my latest obsessions is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. They were founded in 2000 after merging the creative spirit of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in Italy. Over the years, they have grown into a huge designer brand with flagship stores all over the world, and it's one that many fashion lovers are drawn to. [ 606 more words ]

Good Morning!

The Wrap Coat And Over The Knee Boots

The Wrap Coat With Over The Knee Boots Outfit Another outfit post and another re-styling of something old. Do any of you remember this Buffalo Wrap Coat in Camel? I styled it before - back in 2014 (I can't believe it was that long ago!) and I chose to wear it with grey over the knee boots and a hat. [ 354 more words ]

My 2018 Ultimate Designer Wish List

I thought I would do a different type of post today and share with you the items I am in love with, but in a different way to my Currently Craving Wish Lists as this contains the pieces I definitely want. I managed to tick a few things off my wish list last year like the Gucci GG Belt and… [ 1,616 more word ]

Tea Time With Tastea Aloha Vera Blend

A Luxurious Aloe Vera Herbal Tea Experience I seldom do blog posts on food and drink as it's not really an area I share, however that changes when I'm really inspired and into a product that I adore. I recently found out about Tastea at the end of last year and thought the brand's concept was great. I've never been a normal British tea drinker, but I am a fan of herbal tea and different tastes, which is why this brand stood out to me. [ 699 more words ]

Leopard Faux Fur Coat Outfit

Faux Fur Leopard Coat Outfit Keeping in line with my resolution of wearing my pieces multiple times and re-creating outfits with them, rather than buying everything new this year, this is my second look of 2018 doing just that. Every single item that I'm wearing here is something you have seen before, numerous times for some of them, but styled in a completely different way. [ 578 more words ]

Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour Bag Review

Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour Bag Review It's been 9 months since I bought my Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour Bag in Light Grey as I got it in April 2017. I didn't review it at the time as I wanted to give it more of a test run and then just didn't get around to it. Quite a few of you requested a review though as the Sac de Jour is one of Saint Laurent's most popular bags. [ 2,106 more words ]

A Fashionable Winter Street Style Outfit

The Zara Shearling Biker Jacket With Thigh High Boots Happy 2018 everyone! I can't believe it's the 3rd of January already and it was only Christmas yesterday. It's crazy! I first want to start out by saying that I hope everyone is safe after all these horrible storms we're having in the UK. I know a lot of you are without power and have been flooded, so my thoughts are with you all, as they are with those homeless at this time of year. [ 607 more words ]

My Favourite Outfits Of 2017 + New Years Resolutions

2017 In Reflection The year is now over and it's time to look back at 2017 and when I reflect, it's filled with mixed emotions. I can't say that I've done anything remarkable as I've been trying to look after my health this year and sort that out. I've made a lot of progress with my stomach issues and feel like I am on the right path, but it hasn't been easy. [ 1,107 more word ]

New Post - Our Visit To A Rescue Reindeer Farm - It was amazing, please read it!…

Our Visit To A Rescue Reindeer Farm

A Truly Unforgettable Reindeer Experience I don't even know where to start with this blog post as it was one of the most amazing experiences! This year, I had said that I didn't want any gifts for Christmas and instead wanted something like an experience and a memory as that means so much more to me - and that's what I got. [ 1,035 more word ]

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My Thoughts On The Power Of Social Media & Ignorance

I wanted to write something on how much everything has changed since I was younger. I know that makes me sound so old (by fashion blogger standards, 29 sort of is), but there's so much out there now that creates a social experience online instead of having to go out. I know I've mentioned before that the online world managed to open up doors… [ 2,008 more words ]

Double Denim With A Christmas Twist

Levi's Sherpa Denim Jacket With A Christmas Jumper Can you believe it's literally just 6 days until Christmas? I can't. Honestly I think 2017 has been the fastest year for me to date. I don't know if it's just because the older I get, the faster it goes, or because I'm living by weekend to weekend and work in the weeks that it just gets ahead of me. [ 473 more words ]

My 7 Must Have Premium Skinny Jeans

My 7 Must Have Premium Skinny Jeans - I Live In Them! When it comes to denim, I've been working with it since I was about 18 (almost 12 years). I have written about my back story and how I got into jeans and premium denim in the first place (read it here), and even though I own The Jeans Blog, which is where I publish everything denim related, including my denim reviews, I thought it might be nice to share something jeans related here too! [ 1,711 more word ]

Burberry Heart Scarf Outfit

The Burberry Heart Scarf Outfit You may have noticed that the scenery here isn't very autumnal, that's because Adam and I shot these photos a few months ago when it was the end of Summer. I was really craving Autumn fashion and wanted to wear something like this, so I did and saved the photos for the right season, ha ha. [ 335 more words ]

Raindrops Of Sapphire

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Christmas Gift Guide From Me, My Mum & Adam

Raindrops of Sapphire Christmas Gift Guide It's Christmas! Well, almost! December is the best month in the Winter and I'm still always excited by the lights, the festivities and everything else! I always do a gift guide for Christmas every single year, but this time I thought I might do something a bit different. Instead of choosing all the items myself, I've got a gift guide from my mum and Adam as well. [ 1,007 more word ]

Is it Christmas yet?!

12 Funky Unisex Christmas Jumpers

12 Funky & Cool Unisex Christmas Jumpers When it comes to December, I'm all about Christmas jumpers! Heck, I've been wearing them in November too! That's how much I love them. I'm no stranger to creating different outfits that incorporate festive knitwear either as I'm sure you can remember quite a few of the outfits I've worn on my fashion blog… [ 1,006 more word ]

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Currently Craving Wish List: November 2017

0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 In just a couple of days time it's going to be December and that's one of my favourite months! Not because of the weather, I really dislike December for that, but because it's a festive month and everyone has an excuse to be jolly and kind! [ 712 more words ]

My Janelle Wedding Dress From Devotion

My Janelle Wedding Dress Review From Devotion I wrote a post a little while ago about my wedding dress inspiration and what I said I would be looking for in my chosen gown. One of my must haves was a lace back with buttons as I think that's extremely elegant, and another was lace front detail and a floaty silhouette. Keeping all that in mind, I think I might have just found the most perfect wedding dress I could have hoped for! [ 1,373 more word ]

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Don't forget! Get up to 30% off on #Shopbop in the #BlackFriday SALE!!!! Best time to shop! Use code MORE17…

Autumn Evenings And Golden Tones

The Brown Sherpa Coat In The Autumn Leaves SALES, DEALS, DISCOUNTS, BARGAINS... It's all been going on this week and it's crazy! If you missed my biggest and best Black Friday Sales roundup, click here to see it. You don't want to miss any discounts as I compiled the entire list together with all the information. I also wanted to take this time to wish you all in the US a very Happy Thanksgiving as I know it's today! [ 516 more words ]

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Black Friday Sales + Instagram Photos

Black Friday Sales + Instagram Photos! Don't miss these deals!

Thermal Denim For Winter From EXIT 127

Check out The Jeans Blog exclusive interview with EXIT 127! A denim brand for men that makes thermal jeans for winter!

Joules Coast Waterproof Jacket With Hunter Refined Chelsea Boots

Joules Coast Waterproof Jacket With Hunter Refined Chelsea Boots I almost forgot about these photos! They were actually taken back in April/May when we went to Farrington Farm and they got put in a folder to post the next month and then forgotten about as other outfit posts got in the way. Whenever I go to the farm though or run some errands and it's raining, this is usually the type of look that I go for ( [ 356 more words ]

When Is It Time For A Rolex?

I got my very first designer/luxury watch a few years ago and that was the BVLGARI LVCEA (pictured above) after saving up for it for a very long time. There's something about automatic watches that I just love and I really couldn't stop staring at the beauty of this one. The pink crown with the little diamond in and the opaline dial just made for a match made in heaven. [ 580 more words ]

8 Ways To Style An Allsaints Leather Jacket

(Leather Jacket featured above is the ALLSAINTS Papin) If you're a regular reader of my fashion blog, you'll know that it's no secret how much I love leather jackets, and the majority of my collection is from ALLSAINTS. My very first one I purchased was the Papin (read a review here) and since then, I ended up getting suede, as well as different colours. [ 1,162 more word ]

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